»PTC Dental - Training Dental Professionals Worldwide since 1978«

In 1984 I attended a crown and bridge Seminar presented by Productivity Training Corporation in Frankfurt. There as a young dental technician I learned to know the founder and owner of PTC, Mr. John Ness.

In the following years I attended more and more PTC seminars and it became clear to me that the compact knowledge that was transferred to the seminar users had a essential positive effect on my personal development as well as my dental career.

While working in a number of different German Dental Laboratories I kept in touch with Mr. Ness whose Seminars I visited continually.

In 1988 I completed the Master technician test successfully and opened my own dental lab where I successfully incorporated the highly structured PTC step by step working procedure. This knowledge enabled me to produce high quality dental restorations very quickly.

Through many years I stayed in contact with Mr. Ness and PTC and now I have become a certified PTC Trainer.

Dental technician education and training has always been a passion for me so it is a logical development for me to bring PTC education to life in Germany again.